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Lincoln Memorial Deacon Board

  • Rev. Linzie B. Atkins, III --Pastor
  • Carlos Best --Vice Chairperson/Secretary
  • Robert Brodie
  • Daniel Campbell
  • Ed Crawley
  • Joe Halliard --Chairperson
  • John E. Hodge, Sr.
  • Dean Jernigan
  • Eugene Lofton
  • William Mayfield, Sr.
  • Leonidus Murphy--Deacon Emeritus

Your Deacon is here to help you, please contact them for issues and concerns you have

If you don't know who your Deacon is, the legend below should help you to identify your Deacon:

(A - Cos) - Dea. Brodie
(Cot - F) - Dea. Campbell
(H) - Dea. Crawley
(I - M) - Dea. Hilliard
(N - Slau) - Dea. Hodge
(Slaug - V) - Dea. Jernigan
(W - Z) - Dea. Lofton


  • Community service projects
  • Organizing and assisting with activities for Children's Bible Study
  • Asistance for the sick and shut-in
  • Mentor for young men in the Church

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Joe Hilliard
Carlos Best
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